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Report Usage to Message Systems

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2017 11:26AM EDT

Message Systems has developed an Incremental License Fee (ILF) Logger module to provide an easy way to comply with the usage reporting requirements contained in your term license agreement with Message Systems.

The ILF Logger calculates the number of messages received by Momentum and the number of messages delivered by Momentum and stores that information in ilf_loggerfiles under  (/var/log/ecelerity/ilf).  You are required to periodically bundle these files and SFTP them to us.  The ILF Logger automates this process and sends the required reports to us on your behalf, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually as per your contract.  The module will send a report to you upon receipt of your files with the totals we have recorded, as well as notify your Account Manager with your totals.

The ILF Logger is bundled and automatically installed in all Momentum 4 versions and in Momentum 3.6 versions since 3.6.18.  The ILF Logger is not available for Momentum 3.5 versions.  Please contact your Account Manager to upgrade to our latest version, Momentum 4.2.28 (Release Notes on our download). Momentum 4.2.28 is the MTA-only bundle intended primarily for the upgrade of existing customers of Momentum 3, if you are running 3.5 or earlier.  

The ILF Logger is disabled by default and must be turned on.  The instructions to verify the ILF Logger is installed or to determine if you need to install it, as well as configure the ILF Logger and to send your files to Message Systems are as follows:  

Download and Install the ILF Logger Module:

Verify that the module is installed by running this command and verifying the msys-ecelerity-logging-ilf package is listed:  

rpm -qa | grep msys-ecelerity-logging-ilf.  

Download the ILF Logger module if:

  • the module is not found.
  • you send push messages.  The latest version of the ILF Logger module has been modified to correctly count the number of push messages, so please download the latest version.

Install ILF Logger Module:

  1. Go to the Product Downloads page of our support site:  https://support.messagesystems.com/
  2. Scroll down until you see "ILF Logger".  
  3. Expand the link and find the version of the ILF Logger that matches your version of Momentum
  4. Copy ilf_logger.so and ilf_logger.ecm into each MTA node under


    1. /opt/msys/ecelerity/libexec/logging/ilf_logger.ecm


    2. /opt/msys/ecelerity/libexec/logging/ilf_logger.so

Configure the ILF Logger Module:

Follow the instructions provided on our support site for your version of Momentum.  If you have Momentum running on more than one node, you may want to put the node name in the filename_format.  For example, you may use something like this:

filename_format = "/var/log/ecelerity/ilf/<Your_Node_Here>-%m-%d-%Y.ilfdata"

Momentum 4:   https://support.messagesystems.com/docs/web-momo4/modules.ilf_logger.php

Momentum 3.6:   https://support.messagesystems.com/docs/web-ref/modules.ilf_logger.php

Momentum 3.5:  not available; see your account manager to upgrade

NOTE:  Each MTA must be restarted for the configurations to take affect.

Send the ILF Logger files to Message Systems:

You will upload the ilf logger files uncompressed to our SFTP site.

To use our SFTP site, you must have a username and password provided by our Support Team.   If you do not have a username and password or have forgotten them, please contact support@messagesystems.com.

Create a folder called ilf in your directory, and then if you use Momentum on multiple nodes and your ilf file names are unique on each node, you may SFTP the ilf files to msupload.messagesystems.com/ilf.  If your file names are not unique on each node, you may want to create a different folder inside the ilf folder for each node to ensure files with the same name are not overwritten.

For questions on any of the above, please contact your Account Manager or support@messagesystems.com.

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