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Production Environment Configurations

Last Updated: May 22, 2017 04:00PM EDT
Production Environment Configurations

The principle components of Momentum are Platform node and Analytics nodes:
  • Platform nodes handle the MTA including injection and message generation, the configuration server, engagement tracking, and engagement proxy server responsibilities. They also host the distributed online transaction processing (OLTP) database and event hose.
  • Analytics nodes host the distributed analytics database and the web-based UI. Event data is loaded into the database via the event hose and is available via the web-based UI, reporting API, and jlogs for integration with external processes or systems. Analytics nodes are also responsible for the API proxy server, which handles both message and reporting APIs.

You can configure Momentum in five topologies: Single Node, Combined Cluster, or Two-Tier, 3P + 1A and MTA only (no analytics). Each topology can be run on a local cluster or on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cluster.



Single Node



Combined Cluster



Two-Tier Configuration



3P + 1A Local
MTA only Local

A Single Node topology deploys to a single server supporting all Momentum functionality. It is designed to support development and other non-production roles. It should not be used for performance testing or production due to its lack of redundancy.

A Combined Cluster topology consists of at least three Platform and Analytics nodes installed onto the same physical node and running all roles. 

A baseline Two-Tier Configuration consists of a three-node Platform cluster and a three-node Analytics cluster. You can scale this configuration by adding nodes to the Platform cluster independently of the Analytics cluster. Both Platform and Analytics nodes contain multiple roles within the cluster:
  • Platform includes Cassandra, Momentum, and Engagement Tracking
  • Analytics includes Vertica, API services, and WebUI

A 3P + 1A consists of 3 Combined Nodes and 1 Vertica Node. Once created the Platform nodes in theory can be extended. Unfortunately, extending the analytics nodes becomes a lot more complex and generally is not recommended. Both Platform and Analytics nodes contain multiple roles within the cluster:
  • Platform includes Cassandra, Momentum, Engagement Tracking, API services and WebUI
  • Analytics in this scenario only includes Vertica.

MTA only install, this consists of no Analytics, no webhooks, no message generation, along with the log aggregator this particular setup parallels most closely the previous versions on premise solution (a 3.x cluster). This does mean that most of the services that run by default on a 4.x environment will not be running on this.
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